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"Jennifer Wing is an excellent massage therapist!  She is knowledgeable, skilled and very reliable.  She goes above and beyond every time.  Jen is able to zero-in and offer relief and comfort.  And is very pleasant and agreeable while doing so! I HIGHLY recommend her!" - Stephen

"Jen is amazing! She came to our office and did 10 to 15 minute chair massages and everyone wanted to put her on staff full-time! If you have a chance to book a massage with Jen, do not hesitate. You will never regret it!" - Barb

"Jennifer is hands down the best in the business! She takes her time to listen to what you need and does whatever she can to make the massage experience amazing. You receive the entire 60 or 90 minutes unlike when you go to a Spa you only get maybe 45-50 minutes. I would highly recommend Jennifer!" - Kim

"Jen has the ability to relieve pain where doctors, and modern medicine have failed me. 
I dealt with pain daily in my lower back, sciatica, neck, and shoulders. I was skeptical at first that a massage would help me but that notion quickly disappeared after a few visits to Jen. 
My wife, and Jen both noticed that I was not hunched over when walking, and I noticed my stride was back to normal. I now look forward to my visits with Jen because, I know my life will be a little less about the aches and pains, and more about the things that matter. Jen is a professional, always making me feel comfortable during the massage and she is courteous and attentive to my needs. 
If you are looking for the same relief I was and are a bit hesitant that a massage will work, I would HIGHLY encourage you to give Jen Wing an opportunity to help!" -J.G.

"I never truly realized how much of my stress I carry in my body, and muscles. I came to Jennifer after finals week and apparently all of that studying and stress was just living in my muscles. I left feeling like I whole new person!" -K.S.


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